Wiring (7/24)


If the monotony of long winter evenings bothers you, there is a great way to keep yourself busy for a while. Wiring revision! ))

Since we are tearing, sawing and cooking the car, then removing the wiring from the car is what you must 100% do. In addition, there is very little of it in the bmw e30 and only a lazy, well, or frank hand-ass will not be able to perform this operation without loss of health, the health of the wiring, or the people or animals around him.

So, the treasured heap of wires is in our hands. We shove it into a bag and drag it with us to some warm, cozy, quiet and peaceful place. Home, for example. But there is some probability that your spiritual impulse will not be met with enthusiasm by the inhabitants of the home. Be careful and careful))

If everything went smoothly and the stars favor you, consolidate your success, dominate, dominate! Lay the wiring on the floor, if space permits, in the position as it lies in the car. Put next to a laptop with such a native and studied ETM up and down, rolls of electrical tape for all types of work, contact spray, a knife, a tool for stripping insulation, a set for pinning connectors (or ask your grandfather-neighbor-in-garage for an antenna from a receiver from his mountains of trash), a multimeter, coffee, sandwiches, a pillow, a blanket. Immerse yourself in this exciting process. Feel the wiring. Be wiring.

Having created such conditions for yourself, you will finally be able to untie that hellish knot that usually nests in many behind the steering column cover)) How many times have you seen this abode of arachnids in different cars.

I hope when you dragged home a bag of wires from your car, you also grabbed a couple of bags of donor wires)) You will most likely need them. Time is merciless. And the previous owners of your car too)) The wires in the engine compartment turn green, and their insulation becomes fragile, like all kinds of connectors. Part has already crumbled, well, or will crumble in your hands in the near future. With a high degree of probability, the hands of our fellow Kulibins have already been in the cabin. So donor postings are a must-have, definitely.

If you have extra finances, you can order original pins and connectors to reanimate the dead. Or we vandalize donors, carefully dismantling the connectors and removing the pins.

If you have a set for pinning out connectors (well, or your grandfather’s antenna), but you haven’t been able to remove the ill-fated pin for hours, inspect the connector carefully! Most of them consist of several elements and you must first carefully split the connector in half with thin screwdrivers or something similar.

They disassembled, replaced everything that needed repair, rang, cleaned and processed the contacts, laid out and carefully burned it with electrical tape (I hope they used the appropriate conditions in the engine compartment) – the wiring is ready.

If possible, do not wind the cabin wiring in a continuous layer. I see two nuances here – the wiring harness becomes less flexible and harder to lay so that it doesn’t bulge and tear out the fasteners, and also if you suddenly have to carry out diagnostics in the future – it’s easier to find the right wire in a harness wrapped with gaps and even you may not have to unwind anything to poke the multimeter probes.

Before stuffing into a bag, for transportation back to the side of the car, it is worth carefully wrapping it in a ring or in several larger bundles, temporarily securing it with masking paper tape, for example. This will reduce the chances of getting a jack out of the wires when you take it out of the bag (well, like headphones in your pocket).

Good luck and have fun)

Parts pictured: DE100

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