Shit happens… (3/24)


So finally the story, because of which I probably started here out of boredom bortovik — from the category of “nothing boded trouble.”

Although it did not portend… The day somehow did not work out in the morning. It happens like this – before you have time to leave your yard, various incomprehensible crap begins to happen around. The car is like a magnet that just attracts trouble. During the day, while riding for work, almost got into an accident three times. Miraculously, he dodged them all. I’m already driving extremely carefully, because. realized that this is one of those “those” days.

Evening. All that was left was to get home. I drop off a work colleague at the bus stop, turn left turn signal, drive off, accelerate and… I’m not going anywhere anymore, but slowly stop in the left lane. I absolutely did not like the sound from under the hood preceding the stop. I turn on the emergency gang, put up a sign, open the hood, feel the timing belt. Crap. The belt dangles (((

Could not break – the tensioner and the belt itself are new, not so long ago replaced.

I waited until Kreng came for me and dragged the lifeless carcass to the garage with the help of his super-VAZ 2115. I disassemble and go nuts

. The belt is safe and sound On the other hand, the tension roller is bent, the gear of the intermediate shaft is crumpled and broken.

I remove the cylinder head cover and go nuts even more – now I have three camshafts!

He took off his head – a sad guess was confirmed – EVERYTHING bent the valve.

Shit happens…

This is, in fact, the beginning of the story of building a stroker based on a BMW inline-six, M20 engine. I will say more – I had even begun to build it before THIS happened. I planned to assemble the engine and calmly replace the tired and oil-loving native. But, as they say: if you want to make fate laugh, tell her about your plans))

Next, I will describe an interesting (I hope) process of calculating and building the m20b27 stroker with pictures, description, theory and practice.

Thanks to everyone who reads.

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