Preparation of the engine compartment (8/24)


HistoryendedI stopped at the moment when, before installing the engine, I washed and carefully examined the body. Naturally, holes and corrosion were discovered, where without all this happiness on our oxygen-filled planet. Perhaps there are of course happy owners of 30-year-old or so buckets in perfect condition without a hint of rust, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Daily year-round operation of the car leaves an indelible imprint on its carcass.

Of course, installing a freshly assembled engine in the abode of iron oxide and other half-life products of a car seemed to me a dubious undertaking.

Well, ok – a grinder and a semi-automatic welding machine in your hands and go.

At the same time, I corrected the geometry – measured all the diagonals and centerlines, put the glasses in place (for sure, for many they are prone to escape). Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo – it’s a tedious task, and in one person it’s also uncomfortable – so there was no time for pictures. Using a heavy impact tool, jacks and hydraulic struts, we manage to somehow get into the dimensions that were there from the factory.

I am attaching control points and dimensions, if anyone suddenly does not have these manuals.

Preparation of the engine compartment

We clean, cut, cook, clean again – and so on until completefuckingsatisfaction with the result.

I won’t post a million photos for a hundred posts of various patches, “gnuts”, welds and other fetish of restorers – for all this content to other members of the D2 community. (in Saratov for example)

We prime:

Preparation of the engine compartment

We paint:

Preparation of the engine compartment

Well, it seems to be tolerable

Preparation of the engine compartment

Now here you can implement the engine.

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