Oil pump from M21 diesel (17/24)


Went through the oil pump from diesel m21. Naturally, we disassemble everything to the stop, carefully wash, inspect.

The operation is primitive – unscrew 4 bolts (if not completely disassembled). It is advisable to do this before assembling the engine, since inside you can find greetings from the previous owner in the form of tons of sealant. Well, at the same time, look at the wear — maybe everything is sad there and it’s worth looking for another copy.

For a complete disassembly, you will need a little more tool than a 10 key.

Be careful with the spring! Take care of your face! When installing the spring in place, it is better to use a vise. And again, BE CAREFUL! Wear goggles or a mask, you’ll still need your eyes!

Well, “assembly in reverse order”)) Lubricate, assemble.

Oil pump from M21 diesel

You can visually distinguish the m21 oil pump from the pump from the m20 by the number (1 271 129 although it is 11411271128 in the catalogs) or look at the washer from the retaining ring side – if the washer hole is empty and the pin does not stick out of it, then you probably have a pump from diesel.

Oil pump from M21 diesel

The pump is ready for installation.

Oil pump from M21 diesel

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