Engine installation (6/24)


A few more preparatory steps and you can install the engine.

We return to the place the previously combed wiring. We install the vacuum booster and GTZ, Lay and fix the brake pipes.

Engine installation

Unfortunately, not all of the standard soundproofing of the engine shield has survived to the present moment ((Everything is wonderful near the fuse box and the platform under the battery. But the central part – the one that goes into the tunnel, had to be thrown away, because it just crumbled before our eyes and to exploit it further is a mockery of a corpse. To order a new one – I couldn’t defeat the amphibian before, and now it’s not a fact that it is still available for order. I rolled it up with at least vibration isolation (hairdryer, pressure roller – hello to car audio fans) Throw stones at me, call me a collective farmer – that’s exactly what it is – a collective farm.

Engine installation

We assemble the “goose”, and shove the engine under the hood, while managing not to jam or scratch anything.

Engine installation

You can stuff it with the manual transmission screwed on right away, so as not to squirm later and not to dock all this miracle while standing in a pit with a 260 gaiter on your shoulder, trying in vain to get the input shaft into the splines. And then also tighten the bolts using a meter extension cord on the crank. But if you are going to install the engine assembly with the box, be sure to call a friend – it is difficult and inconvenient to stuff this design into one person. Of course, you can screw it up yourself, but with each passing year you understand more and more that what the hell is necessary))

Engine installation
Engine installation

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