End (9/24)


We collect all the pieces of iron in one big one – the cylinder head per block. We stretch the bolts according to the instructions.


Checked and cleaned injectors. Replaced O-rings on injectors and pressure regulator.

Nozzles 715, 3 bar regulator.

I’ll see how long they last, it may be necessary to replace them with more productive ones.


We fasten the intake manifold, thermostat housing, etc. etc.

When I did the cylinder head, I replaced all the studs in it, with the possible exception of those that secure the thermostat housing.


The throttle body is from the m20b25.


Before installing the engine washed and carefully examined the body. I decided that while the engine compartment is empty, it would be nice to weld the holes and remove the rust that has formed over the years of merciless exploitation (yes, there are no miracles). One after another… I dismantled everything almost to zero…

Before the cold weather, it was not possible to brew, and after all, after welding, it would also be necessary to paint. Circumstances developed in such a way that it was not possible to allocate a lot of time for the car, but you need it, well, just dofiga. As a result, I decided to freeze all work until the onset of heat.

The engine, assembled somehow on the knee, without the use of modern nano-technologies and with constant attempts to cut the budget, hangs on a stand covered with a rag. Whether he will or not is not known.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read. I hope you found something interesting or useful. Or at least look at the pictures.

Perhaps later I will continue bortovik, describing further work on the car. Unfortunately, I am not distinguished by mega-meticulousness and perfectionism, so I can hardly please the restoration of the e30 to a museum state.

That’s all for now. End of story.

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