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you can immediately throw slippers After looking

through this website here, specifically the topics on the EZO, I came to the conclusion that people either do not realize where they are getting into when buying this car, or deliberately doom themselves to brainwashing. I will try to explain why:

1- the age of the car, the freshest copies aged 25+ years with a mileage of 250+ because (who has less to think about, if it was twisted before being sold to you)

2-number of hosts (or riders). Everyone has a different attitude towards cars, but it’s not realistic to find a normal car for a reasonable price.

3-state, actually see item 2. 99.9% of the cars on sale are either firewood by definition, or underpowered with the right engine and everything else, or people sell unfinished projects, because they find insight and understanding that it’s not reasonable, not cost-effective to pour into IT niipic money and man-hours of work.

Yes, yes, there are those who keep the car in the garage, roll it out only 3 times a year, and then in the summer and then in dry sunny weather, and then to the exhibition… BUT, what is it for? indulge your ego? well, only if the owner earns so much that you can buy a new one from the salon, then you can keep this kind of car.

4-availability/cost of spare parts

5- 100% collective farm when repairing one or another sore point of a car, some things are original or normal analogues simply cannot be found.

6-expenses of time, money, nerves, etc. comparable to buying a car 20 years younger than this one. (if we take my example, then in 3 years I poured into the car, along with the purchase price, about 250-300 tr. Agree that one could take something more successful, for example, the same Hyundai Accent 2008 onwards. or so).

7- honestly, I did not notice the outstanding driving characteristics that are talked about so much. Well, compared to my 2106, yes, it’s more comfortable, no doubt, but compared to the same Skoda Octavia or Golf 4… never, not to mention something newer and generally of a different class (such as Hover H2 or even Pejero Sport). To date, the car is more than mediocre

8-eternal problems with one thing, or is it ignition, ecu or CO or fuel… one thing is always f *** brain, and in order to fix it you need to dig up the whole car and not find a reason to keep the car in a semi-disassembled state ” I find” and wait for every trip of some kind of bait

9-electrics / electronics, this is generally a separate issue, especially all sorts of C boards, the batteries on it are just falling off soldering and plugs on the tidy (by the way, for PP C, you can generally throw the board away and not clog her brain, everything except the oil service bulbs works like that). Well, the eternal problems with the temperature sensor, probably only in units it is not e *** brain, it is solved for a long time, tediously and not always with the expected result. In general, you can talk about electrics forever.

10 – the overall reliability of the car, it all depends on the conditions of use, but if you keep it as a daily routine in a predominantly urban cycle, then the unpleasant begins immediately: consumption (it’s impossible to squeeze out less than 9 liters on a diesel engine in the city), but my pelvis ate less with the same conditions of use, along the highway, the consumption at the pelvis was also about the same; the suspension, no matter how carefully it crosses pits, bumps, rails, etc., anyway, after a certain period of time there is a knock, a hook, replacement of stabilizer struts (mine rolled back less than a year, although I don’t drive through pits), the steering rack too it doesn’t shine with reliability, the new one costs overdochery, there are restored ones on sale, I don’t know what quality (I bought it, it’s at home, it’s waiting in the wings to leave as a gift to the next buyer). A separate song is the interior heater radiator, she’s a stove… I haven’t seen such poses as when replacing it in any book on sex games, just like when replacing this, not a single warrant officer in the army knows such mats, and it doesn’t matter that he served 60 years in the army. I thought it was difficult to change the stove in the basin, but after 8 (EIGHT!) Hours of work to replace the fucking heater in the behe, it seemed to me that the Lada is a simple constructor for dibil children.

Replacing the anthers of the CV joints, there is also enough Kamasutra, as well as replacing the return pipe of the stove (dieselists will now be imbued), in order to get to the starter or injection pump or somewhere else on the other side, you need to remove the intake manifold, another e *** with a dance and a squat.

Without a garage with a pit or a personal lift, servicing this machine is very difficult.

You can tell a lot more, each EZO has its own jokes and zaebons (you can share in the comments, let’s see who fights with these carts), but I definitely don’t understand why people dug through tons of forums and articles before buying (for those who bought at night, when drunk, they may not read a friend’s car) stubbornly put on a hefty male genital x **, buying this device. Just because it’s a BMW and because it’s an E30? I’m in a hurry to upset, probably, it won’t bring down the EMTri… all these swaps, alterations, finishing touches only delay the end of the car before handing it over to the metal. With the same success, you can buy an ordinary basin and frankenstein it up and down, but for what? wasn’t the car originally bought to move the ass comfortably from point A to point B? yes, this is the first car for many, they bought what they had enough money for, but, damn it, why be in such a hurry and buy not only firewood, but potentially dangerous cars with rotten floors, short wiring and, often, a dumped engine? why hurry then? Yes, there are still childhood dreams (yes, yes, I also dressed in this x ** only because when I was little, I wanted the E30 for myself), but all the illusions from this dream disappear with the oil pressure light on or with the crunch of the box, torn CV joint, torn rear beam, etc. and (for me personally) some people have an insight that it’s time to sell this constructor to hell for adult children (who are under 40) and think about a normal car that you don’t need to communicate with, it’s unnecessary to climb forums and websites for days in search of an answer to questions ” and why this crap doesn’t work, or works through the ass”, I just want to leave the house in the morning, open the car normally, just sit down, start it,

I owned 2106 for almost 10 years, during all this time I didn’t fuck with a basin as much as with this Bavarian, on a basin I wound 25-30 thousand mileage for a year, on this chaise if I wound 15 in 2 years, it’s already good, I just sometimes it’s scary to ride on it, and suddenly something gets fucked up again. I guess I’m still tired of all this.

Sorry for grammatical errors, all smooth roads and less breakdowns

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